Where shag & shower meet

Seduce your Senses

Unlock the sensual power of thick, lustrous shag carpeting in your shower and indulge your most forbidden bathing fantasies.

The suds. The steam. The stray hairs. Let's face it: carpet showers scratch an itch no subway tile or plastic tub enclosure can ever hope to reach. Maybe that's why they're the number one trend seeping into today's most decadent home designs. Stop by our factory showroom for a test shower and we think you'll agree—once you've been enveloped in a hot, fully plumbed pocket of sopping wet filament yarn, there's no going back. How could there be?


Spray it, Don't fray it

Only our durable, fiber-bonded shower carpets are treated with our state-of-the-art SquelchFree™ technology, giving you the softest step possible—and a minimum of gross, gurgly sounds. Our products resist pilling and thatching even when exposed to the harshest exfoliants and conditioners.


Our master carpet shower layers are standing by, ready to transform your ordinary shower into a Berber oasis. Contact us today!